Our Founder’s Story // Where do we go from here?

As a girl, I loved growing up in Ohio. Unfortunately, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been distracted by litter. I noticed it everywhere. This interrupted my childhood imagination on the daily. Litter bothered me, so my twin sister and I would pick it up and throw it away. Simple enough, right? I thought cleaning up trash was normal.

After earning my bachelor degree in political science and starting an events company in Colorado, I couldn’t help but notice tumbleweeds of litter blowing around everywhere. Later in life, while working in the non-profit sector, the litter was not letting up. Eventually, I came to understand what people mean when they say they have a calling to do something. By 2017, I couldn’t just pick up local litter and ignore the larger problem anymore. I believe it is every individual, every company, every government, every town’s responsibility to clean up after themselves and be aware of reducing our consumption.

Reuse Revolution was born from the idea that there is an easy solution to our trash problem: simply reuse your daily disposables. Recycling and picking up litter ISN’T enough. We have to change our bad habits and break our addiction to the “convenience” of immediate gratification. Single-use plastic and other cheap disposable products are the problem. We need to decide to reduce our consumption while reusing products we already own.

You are important. Your choices matter.

These are some of the things I care about, and I hope you do, too. Thank you for being on this journey with me! More to come…