Duo Menstrual Cup pack - small blue & regular pink

Duo Menstrual Cup pack - small blue & regular pink


Menstrual cups save you hundreds of dollars and keep loads of feminine products out of landfills and waterways.


Himalayan Pink/ Ocean Blue

Comes with one small and one regular size cup. For both your light and heavy days. 2-3 / 3-4 Tampon capacity. Comfortable and reliable.

Comes with two Saalt Carry Bags.

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The Duo Pack

Reusable silicone menstrual cup in two sizes. For some friends, this was an easy switch, for others this was something they were apprehensive about. The Saalt brand does an amazing job of answering questions and giving tips on their Instagram account.


Thank you for considering this product as an alternative to the inconvenient single use plastics such as plastic disposable applicators and other plastic wrapped feminine products!