To load blade in a butterfly style handle:   

Twist the bottom of the shaver handle to open the wings of the blade holder.  Simply place a blade (be careful to hold the center as the edges are sharp, obvi!) on the platform and twist the bottom in the opposite direction to tighten the blade holder wings over the blade. You're all set to go! 

To load blade in a 3-piece style handle:   Unscrew the handle from the two blade holding plates.  Place blade between the blade holding plates and screw in handle.  You're ready to shave! 


Find out about the Albatross Blade Take Back Program:

Over 2 billion disposable plastic razors are thrown out each year in the U.S. alone.  That's enough to wrap around the Earth end-to-end 6 times!  By eliminating plastic from the shaving equation we hope to prevent the creation of unnecessary plastic waste and the pollution associated with it.  We are immensely excited about this campaign because the experience of using a safety razor is SO MUCH BETTER than when one uses a disposable.  This fact allows us to genuinely believe that we can prevent a hell of a lot of single use plastics from messing up our planet.  

The Albatross Blade Take Back Program exists because not all municipal recycling companies currently accept used razor blades.  We have developed a used blade take back program for all Double Edged safety razor blades.  

Simply collect your used blades in the envelope they come in when you buy Albatross replacement blades. When you’ve gone through a pack of blades, seal that envelope and insert it into any other envelope at least 3.5” X 5” large (USPS minimum) and send to:

Albatross Designs

PO Box 2254

Berkeley, CA 94702

It is important for us to re-utilize the stainless steel our blades are made of at the highest level possible.  We aim to recycle the steel into a potentially higher value product in terms of CO2 mitigation and energy savings than the original blades themselves over the long run.  If you use non-Albatross blades, we will accept your blades too.  You can store and ship your blades in a variety of containers, such as used pill bottles, a used soup can duct taped on one end, or by using a heavy weight internal envelope inserted into another envelope as is our standard procedure.


Thank you for considering this product as an alternative to the inconvenient single use plastics such as plastic disposable razors!



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To Shave: Wet beard or other body parts with warm water.  Lather shaving cream if desired [a brush will greatly help create a better lather and to lift facial hair].  Hold blade at a 30 degree angle and let the weight of the handle do the work.  That is, do not pull the razor across your face like you would with a plastic disposable razor.  Use short strokes, about 2 inches long, especially in the beginning of your shave.  Finish with after shave ointment or lotion.