Biodegradable fine glitter - Dragonfly

Biodegradable fine glitter - Dragonfly



Fine Biodegradable Glitter Mix helps you lessen your micro plastic contribution to this planet! Opt for sustainable and hand mixed-made with love.

This mix has some magical color shifting properties... A complex blend with hints of multiple jewel tones, it changes its qualities in the light depending on what you are wearing. Inspired by the multi-colored iridescence found in nature in dragonfly wings. A versatile, all-purpose mix that perfectly shifts its mood to match yours!

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Net weight: 6 grams

Packaging: Recycled aluminum rounds

Ingredients: Cellulose (base film from eucalyptus trees), glycerin (plant-derived), aqua, urea, styrene/acrylates copolymer (adhesive) and mineral pigments (color)

Glitter Revolution:

There's no plastic in our glitter, and we do not put our glitter in plastic. In fact, we are the ONLY eco-glitter company that's been 100% committed to plastic-free packaging since day one. Eco impact guides every decision in our business.

Our glitter is made from sustainably sourced plant cellulose derived from eucalyptus trees. Our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. We lovingly mix and package all of our unique biodegradable glitter blends by hand in California.