Multi-purpose coconut bristle bottle brush

Multi-purpose coconut bristle bottle brush


  • Great for baby bottles, wine glasses, reusable water bottles

  • Naturally antibacterial 

  • Biodegradable 

  • Sustainable

  • Effectively removes leftover residues 

  • Contains no plastic or toxic chemicals

  • Designed to get into hard to reach places 

  • Metal twist is recyclable (or if you leave it to biodegrade for long enough, it will rust over time and break down - so the whole brush is technically biodegradable).

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Other EcoCoconut Information:

Our products are made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified recycled Rubber tree's grown in a plantation and at the end of their life replanted and the wood used for our brush handles.  The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk's which is the outside of dried coconuts.

All of our products and their packaging and shipping materials are 100% Plastic Free, this includes labels and tape. 

Sustainably and ethically made with love in Sri Lanka.