Wool Dryer Balls - neutral or gray spun

Wool Dryer Balls - neutral or gray spun

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Made with love right here in Ohio through Fiber Felt n More!

Wool dryer balls are an inexpensive and reusable eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. The wool absorbs water, which reduces drying time to protect delicate clothing and save on energy bills.

Adding several balls to the dryer will separate clothing, reducing drying time and decreasing static. As the dryer balls rub up against items in the dryer, gentle friction helps to soften fabric fibers and fluff large items like comforters, eliminating the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

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100% Authentic American Wool

We ethically source all our fiber and are currently in partnership with an Alpaca farm in our home town (Doylestown, OH) that lovingly cares for thirty-five furry friends. Sheering the wool absolutely does not harm the animals in any way. We are HUGE supporters of animal rights and go to great lengths to ensure we work with farms who care about their animals as much as we do.

Our wool dryer balls will last for years.


Pilling occurs over time and can be trimmed off the dryer ball. We suggest leaving the pilling on your dryer balls as it aids in reducing static in your clothing.

Some customers drop a few essential oil scents on their dryer balls to boost clothing scent. Many prefer unscented, whatever floats your boat!


Each one of our wool dryer balls are 100% hand felted. We lovingly handle each one by hand and closely inspect them for quality control.

They are felted at least twice and will make your conscience smile while you do laundry :)

 Quit throwing away those dryer sheets and choose to reuse with these biodegradable Earth-friendly alternatives!